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- "This perfume is no joke! It reminds me more of the Pacific Northwest rainforest on a sunny day than a bag of skunk but captures the cannabis accord more accurately than other like fragrances. Kush Perfume smells green, resinous, woods and earthy over a slightly sweet vanilla base. Moderate sillage, lasts 5+ hours. Kush Perfume is unique and well blended. I cant stop sniffing my wrist! Lovers of vintage and niche perfumes must try this!!" - LL

- "Everywhere I go people ask me what I am wearing. They are shocked when I tell them KUSH PERFUME! Men absolutely adore the smell, my guy friends always tell me how much they like it and the name of course! This is my everyday scent. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product!" - Delilah

- "Hello, I received my bottle today of KUSH PERFUME. Its smells so divine and very delicious. It has just enough kush scent in it. I love it! Thank you!" - Jackie Marie

- "Its earthy clean and citrusy with a hint of vanilla. Diverse enough to be worn confidently by men and women." – doobi.us

- "Smells really good!!!" - SM

- "I love it and my friends have already asked me to order it for them!" -JF

- "I received my bottle the other day. It is amazing!!! I love it!!! I haven’t left the house without it on. Thank you KUSH PERFUME!" - LP

- "Your package arrived on Saturday. Thank you so much. I love it!! The smell is amazing! Just enough."

- "I just got the package this morning. Awesome product! Mt sister in law is going to love it! Thanks!" – MB

- "My wife ordered me some for Christmas! Its amazing!" - Brad

- "I already used most of the bottle. I told you I’d like it. Its my new favorite smell, everyone always asks me about it. Just wanted you to know I think Kush Perfume is wonderful!" - Anna

- "I gave my sister KUSH PERFUME for Christmas and she loved it!!" - Karissa

- "I own a bottle of KUSH PERFUME now and love it! People always ask me about it!" – Chris

- "I want a bottle of KUSH PERFUME cause my best friend has one and I think we need to smell incredibly good together. I wouldn’t want to use all of hers!" - Andrea

- "Thank you! I really do love it a lot and I’m super picky with scents. So… 420 thumbs up for you and your product!" – Amy

- "I just got my bottle O’Kush. I love it! Seriously, I haven’t worn perfume in so long and am loving it! Thank you so much!" – Carrie

- "I got the package in the mail the other day. The perfume smells absolutely amazing!!! The dank smell is not too overpowering to the point where it is a threat to wear out to work or school, but if you are familiar with the aroma of fresh herb, a deep inhale of this will tingle your senses! I cant stop smelling my arm whenever I put it on!! I encourage everyone to try it out!!" – Allison

- "What fantastic customer service, wish all web companies made me feel this good! Keep it up! Cheers" – Richard

- "I have many fragrances. Smell it all up in my shirt, coworkers give compliments everytime I wear it to work. Have me feelin and smellin so good!! Thanks KUSH PERFUME." – Eddie

- "I just received my lovely bottle of KUSH PERFUME! IT SMELLS AMAZING! Thank you!" - Kay

- "I am off to buy a bottle. I hope you do well, this is a very classy perfume and very well made." - LP

These are all real quotes written by real KUSH PERFUME customers. I hope you enjoy your bottle of KUSH PERFUME!

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